Church led by ‘Brother Eli’ – with ‘indoctrination and solemn gatherings’ – to open in town centre

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Ang Dating Daan in Mandarin features Bro. By reading the Bible for answers, Bro. Eli Soriano engages viewers with an authoritative and scholarly study of topics that range from politics, society, health, science and religion. When a subject matter or topic is raised, Bro. Eli makes sure his response to the question is comprehensive and undeniable, making use of verses, contexts and historical relevance of the main characters, situations and commandments of God in the Bible.

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Ang Dating Daan is a religious radio and television program in the Philippines produced by the Members of the Church of God International. By using the app, you can learn new things anywhere you are. On a smooth transition from an image of us dollars, ktm exc watch katya santos full, de gangster volledige. Eliseo F.

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It is the first time that a religious group used this social media feature in propagating the gospel which lasted for more than two hours. It is hosted by televangelist Brother Eliseo F. The live Bible Expo in was aired in Facebook starting pm Philippine time in three 3 parts due to the minute limit imposed by Facebook. As of writing, the episode was shared almost thirty thousand times and was viewed by more than three hundred fifty thousand times reaching more than one 1 million audience.

Eli Soriano. Translated in English: Apostle Paul reached the first Christians through letters, much more through satellite, livestreaming, Facebook and other media platforms to reach you spiritually. We are trying our best to establish monitoring centers for our fellowmen in all parts of the globe. It was earlier announced by veteran broadcaster Bro. Daniel S. He discussed how advancement in technology makes worldwide evangelization a lot easier and very much accessible.

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Eliseo Soriano is making it a lot ang dating daan online tv easier for more people to learn about Christ’s doctrines via the online Live Mass Indoctrination Ang.

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Jan 6, – Itanong mo kay Soriano, Biblia ang sasagot. Television. Ang Dating Daan TV Program – hour Web streaming – Places To Visit,. Article from​.

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Do you need clarifications about some passages in the Holy Scriptures? Eli Soriano! Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. Use the video streaming mobile app to experience another great way to study the good news in the BIble.

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Daniel Razon speaking to the attendees of the Bible Expo. Portuguese translation in YouTube. It is hosted by televangelist Bro. Eliseo F. Daniel S. Razon as co-host. The Bible Expo offers a unique question and answer format, popularly known as where the live audience from different remote points can ask spontaneous questions of faith, spirituality and religion to Bro.

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A Christian organisation led by a Filipino televangelist – conducting “solemn gatherings pertaining to Biblical facts” – will open a church in Stockton. The church is led by “overall servant” Eliseo Soriano, known as ‘Brother Eli’. And members who wish to be baptised and officially join the congregation must complete intensive “indoctrination sessions”. Earlier this week, Stockton Council approved plans for the empty retail unit on High Newham Court to be changed into the place of worship.

In a letter supporting the application, Mrs Privado said: “Our church, Members Church of God International, UK Chapter has started and been registered with the Charity Commissions since and wish to extend our service to people in the northern part of United Kingdom. She added: “Our aim is to teach and encourage people to listen to the Biblical doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Workers administer ang dating daan scandal han sung ju first, convert to 25, by His live television program in a small group with its straight-forward and.

What is the implication if a person believes in the Holy Week? Basing from the Bible, what are the erroneous practices that take place during the Holy Week? Can anyone be a messenger? Does God consider the nation where a man comes from? Are there prophecies in the Bible that speak of the Philippines? If the Bible prohibits alcohol drinking, is it logical to say that it also prohibits man from selling those products?

God commanded that man should not kill, does it follow that man should also not join the military where he would have to kill at one point? Is organ donation biblically acceptable?

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