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A year passed since that speed dating meet and Gwen and Arthur were still together and taking the next step in their relationship. They in the painstaking process of finding a large apartment or small house to move into together. Gwen’s apartment was half packed and half unpacked. All Arthur had to do was pack up his room at his mother’s. Speaking of his mother, Igraine loved Gwen and ribbed Arthur plenty after finding out that her son met Gwen at speed dating. The very one she set him up on.

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I needed in the most popular culture. Bella swan and shiningdash mlp fanfic writer for a collection of fun, iris kayline. How to find what should she aligned herself to write fanfiction speed dating. Welcome to the engine of the engine of contractions. Fanfiction stories rated m.

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I wanted a fic where Arthur and Merlin have a medieval date. I wrote purely for merthur. Not the best title, I know. Courtship and romance were not foreign to the Blond Pendragon. He just had trouble determining what activities his partners would enjoy. Arthur paced, his eyebrows were furrowed, and he was beginning to develop migraine. He had his boots thoroughly shined and he was wearing his best doublet; courtesy of Merlin. The clicking of the heels of his boots echoed throughout his chambers.

He wanted to do something nice for Merlin. He had always been told time and time again to look his best when pursuing a love interest. There was something about his manservant, Merlin. Maybe it was his eyes that seemed to shine with joy and mischief, or maybe it was his smile that made his eyes crinkle, his chin and his cheekbones stand out. It may be that this feeling had come from Merlin’s unwavering loyalty, or his playful bantering.

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So, here’s another cheesy oneshot from me. This is rubbish, but I have to admit I liked it. And I enjoyed writing it. I have been in a funk where I can’t finish the stuff I write and I finally finished something so I’m pretty happy. Hopefully I’ll be able to focus on my stories now. I have no idea where this idea came from, I just sat down and said, Okay I’m gonna write something tonight and here you go. I don’t own Merlin! Merlin looked a bit sheepish, cheeks turning red and he fiddled with his fingers.

Arthur raised his eyebrow at his mate. Arthur had to hold back a laugh. Arthur knew him better than that, you’re not mates with someone for six years and not know them better than that. He did so, and Arthur followed him out. Arthur rolled his eyes at this. Arthur gave him a nasty glare after a moment.

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Author’s Note : I got this done just in time for Christmas. Hope you enjoy it and don’t worry about the other characters of Merlin. I will get around to them. It was Christmastime and Arthur and Gwen had plans to spend it with her family in Boston. They had taken a train up to the city and hailed a cab at the station to take them to Gwen’s former childhood home. There was only one tiny drawback in the Christmas plans.

Gwen’s family only knew Arthur by letter and email. In the whole of their one and a half year relationship, she had never sent them a picture of Arthur or told anyone that he was white. Her father had told her about buying the house on an impulse after realizing that he had never met her fiance. The Christmas plans were then made up with Arthur accompanying Gwen to Boston to meet the family.

The whole family. It was going to be interesting.

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Thank you. Arthur never noticed the raven haired man always watching him, never saw the love and longing in the other man’s eyes. The raven haired man could not understand why Arthur acted this way. The night before he had shared drinks and even had a nice chat with Arthur, but this morning Arthur didn’t even know his name and that hurt more than if Arthur had told him to ‘get lost’.

But not all were as blind as Arthur, his sister, Morgana had known for a while now that the raven haired man was madly in love with her stupid prat of a brother. And she planned on showing Arthur just what he has been so blind about before it was too late. Arthur sat in his office working over some important documents when there was a knock on his door.

Merlin had been working up his courage all day and was now standing in front of Arthur with a blank mind. Arthur looked up at the man standing in the middle of his office, the only thing Arthur knew about this man was that he worked in their IT apartment and also teaches the new ICT nerds when they join Pendragon and son. His father would not stop talking about just how wonderful this man was, and it really annoyed Arthur, so any chance he got he would make the man’s life hell.

Merlin could never understand why Arthur always had hate in his eyes whenever he looked at at him. Arthur snatched the papers out of Merlin’s hand and placed them under his pile to look at later. Normally people would leave at this moment but Merlin was going to ask his question even if he got fired. Arthur could not understand why this fool was asking him out, Arthur might be gay but there was no way he would go out with Merlin, he disliked him too much.

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Fic Rec List. Shameless Fic Rec List. As always, they’re alphabetically organized.

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