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Since their rise to fame, Luke Hemmings , Ashton Irwin , Calum Hood and Michael Clifford have been linked to many lovely ladies over the years and fans have kept close tabs on their love lives. From one time flings to longterm girlfriends and everything in between, its time to break down each and every relationship the boys ever had. What exactly went down with 5SOS and all their exes? Why did they break up? What are their ex-girlfriends up to now? Are they seeing anyone now?

5SOS Preference: He picks you up from school…

Luke: Calum To say Luke was happy you were dating his best friend was an understatement. Hell, Luke was probably more involved in the relationship that you were. But it was understandable. Ashton: Michael It was weird for him. See, Michael was his best friend, so he knew about his not so nice history with girls. But you and Michael both swore up and down that he had changed and would never hurt you.

the way it’s written it’s almost like you’re talking to them face to face. 1D fan I love them, I would buy anything they sell and I even have a favorite member.

A, period week. You turn to walk down the steps of the house and back to your dorm when he stops you. Everyone said that you were pretty good at it too. One Direction Preferences! Book 2 Fanfiction. You bought a new skirt for the date, wanting to look your prettiest for him. Ugh Zayn can be so ugh sometimes. One Direction: Preferences, Imagines, Etc. Maybe no TV for a week, or no sleepovers at the least. You reached up, taking his hand as he pulled you over the rail in one swift motion.

So, this was a pretty interesting one to write lol It kinda As you turned your foot slipped on the ice. You stood at the stove, your gaze focused on the knobs, turning them to make sure they were off. It’s not that you didn’t want him going out with the boys it’s just he’s been working all week, getting up before you and going straight to the studio then coming home after a night out with the boys when you’re asleep, you hardly see him and you’re sick of it.

#51: You’re a Members Sister and You Play Truth or Dare

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You’re Dating Another Member Of 5SOS (CALM) from the story Separated: 5SOS I post imagines and prefs about 5 Seconds Of Summer boys so enjoy babes.

You only had a few minutes left until school was over and the weekend started, which made you smile. You were looking forward to the weekend because you were going to be spending it with your lovely boyfriend of a year. Though no one knew who you were dating, except for your only friend, so everyone in your school thought you were making it up just to get attention. But not even the interviewers could get it out of him. He wanted to keep you out of it until you were done with school which you thought was really sweet.

You were brought out of your thoughs by the ring of the bell and everyone hurrying to leave. You waited patiently at your desk for a few minutes to let the crowd die down before you left the classroom. When you got out front, you covered your ears quickly when you heard various pitches of screams. Is someone hurt? You stared at the owner of the beanie just as he turned to see you standing there.

let it be — You’re His Sister & Secretly Dating Another Band…

As everyone in the 5SOSfamily can say, we all love the boys unconditionally and would defend them without hesitation. Today is the day we focus on the younger member of 5 Seconds of Summer, finally stopping into real adultery of the age of 21! We asked some of our followers to let us know what they love about Luke the most and put all of the reasons into one place as a little birthday gift for Luke.

One direction preferences you’re dating someone else – Rich man looking for a 5sos member; One direction preferences bsm you’re dating another member.

You are ecstatic that your family had finally decided to take a trip to California and visit your aunt and uncle. Harry was once like your twin, you did everything together and always watched out for one another. When you finally get to L. And many more women at my door step. Do you want to come with me? When you go inside you see men sitting at a large table filled with knobs and buttons.

In front of them is a window that allows you to see your cousin and 4 other beautiful boys. You sit on the couch in the room and listen to each song as it begins and ends. Harry notices this as well. The boys step back prepared for a brawl. You stare wide eyed at Niall but neither of the boys look at you. You run into the recording room trying to prevent the fight about to happen almost falling in the process.

Dangerous Woman

Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton were all at your place playing video games and eating pizza. You were talking to Luke. Calum smirked. Ashton walked back into the room to notice you and Luke kissing.

Let’s just stay that way on the behalf of him.” Tea aka Mikeyssexslave is gonna be thrilled i hope HAHAAHAH 5sos 5sos imagine 5sos imagines.

You cross your arms over your chest defensively after tossing your controller to the ground. I was starting to feel sorry for you. You nod stubbornly. Suddenly, Michael lunges across the couch and tackles you to the ground, his arms pinning you down. You lean your face dangerously close to his, your lips brushing against his ear. Can you two please stop cuddling? You are startled at first, but then you smirk at him.

You stand up and hold out your hand to help him to his feet. He accepts it and quickly stands up, grabbing a pillow off of the couch to cover his front. You burst out laughing and Luke stands up from his chair across the room, confused as to what you are finding so funny. Michael shrugs, taking a few steps back. You knew it was an accident. No big deal.

One direction imagines he hits you in front of fans

Just one! He had caught you and your boyfriend, Ashton doing something you would have never wanted your brother to catch you doing. No hooking up with or dating one of his band mates if you came on tour with them.

5sos preferences your dating a member of 1d You ‘re single and Luke decides to sign you up on a dating. About you Preference #3: Another member.

Eilidh, 18, stupid British accent, most patronising asshole you will ever meet. My mum won’t let me be punk rock : This bloody band has me obsessed, I write stuff always taking requests. Snapchat :: eilidh. Ashton: He watched you giggle loudly with Calum as he tickled your sides. Your cheeks were flushed red as you sat on his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck.

Anyone could see for sure how much she loved him, but nobody ever noticed how much this was killing Ashton. All he ever wanted was to be with you and when you stared dating Calum it broke him. It was agony having to be around you to whilst still having to act like his loud and cheery self. Nobody knew, they could never know how he really feels about you. Calum is his friend he could never do that to him no matter how much he loves you.

Calum sighed wrapping his arms around you shoulders. Yeah, thanks for reminding me he thought bitterly to himself.

5SOS Preferences Number 1!